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Hello world!

Photo of Eudoxia
I’m Eudoxia.


Mug with sunflowers on itAnd this is one of my favourite mugs.

Things you may want to know about me:
-I’m into maths, feminism, and the colour purple (not the novel, the actual colour). Also knitting, Christianity, and TEA! (Just for the record, those aren’t in order of priority)
-I grew up in New Zealand, but moved to the UK 8 years ago as a mid-teen. This country’s pretty cool, although I do miss mallowpuffs.
-Family: I’m married to the lovely C, have one sister (younger, currently at University), two parents (the traditional number), assorted in-laws, and LOTS of cousins.
Why I’m blogging:
I want to create a blog that is consistently updated, with regular features that reflect what I think is important in life. This is a way for me to process my thoughts, and to work on writing – and a way to invite you to come and hang out with me, wander along for a while, and join in a conversation. I’ve learnt a huge amount over the past few years from blogs and forums, topics ranging from dressmaking to ableism, and I want to carry on the discussion and start to talk a little, rather than just listening.

These things that I think are important are reflected in the features I’ve planned.

  • Monday mornings: something inspirational or motivational, presented fairly simply, with a little bit of writing from me but not all that much. I’ve got some quotations lined up that I want to share, and I’m also interested in learning from other faith traditions / wisdom traditions – I’ll be looking into these myself, and if anyone’s got ideas or recommendations please do let me know!
  • Thursdays: something factual. The first article, which I’ve got lined up for this Thursday, is going to be about Fairtrade – mostly as a response to hearing lots of ill-informed comments about Fairtrade (e.g. “They don’t need Fairtrade, they need trade unions”, having not taken into account the fact that Fairtrade requires that workers be allowed to join trade unions). I’m going to be trying to hit a pretty specific niche here – aiming for topics which a lot of people know a little bit about (e.g. on the “Fairtrade, it’s good” level) but where you might not have come across the details. Again, suggestions and requests very much encouraged.
  • Saturdays: something playful! I believe that play and creativity is sadly neglected once one gets past the age of about 7 … despite the enormous benefits it can bring. Saturdays will have challenges: join in and do something silly / playful / creative (I’ll specify – the first one might involve drawing teapots …) and then comment or email and let us know what you did!
  • Sundays: ahhhhh … tea. I’m a bit of a tea fan … at any given time I probably own about 20 kinds of tea. Tea – black, white, green, herbal – is a wonderful thing. And I’ve recently bought some very exciting teas from Tea Palace on a trip to London, which I’m looking forward to writing about (although you’ll have to wait until next week for that: I’m starting off today with something more traditional). I’m hoping this feature can help people who don’t want to sample 30 kinds of tea to find more teas that they like – as well as being a relaxing read.

So – that’s me. Hello, and welcome! I’d love to know about you – please do leave a comment, or email me at I hope you stick around!

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