Saturday Play – fantastical transport

I’ve got transport and journeys on the brain at the moment … I’m visiting my parents and sister, and tomorrow we’re driving her up to her new house (for 2nd year of University).

So that’s inspired this week’s question: what’s your favourite mode of transport (real or fictional), and why?

The sister says: The Great Glass Elevator, from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Because you can fly anywhere, see everything, feel safe and not get rained on – OR DRAGON. Because, DRAGON!

Eudoxia says: well, yes, DRAGON! Or the gun from Portal … that’s totally a kind of transport, right? Although perhaps not so good in real life where you don’t get a second go if you die? I mean, the buildup of momentum and all that … cool for games but not so good for real life. Hmm, so dragon … but then you have to feed them … I think probably actually some sort of teleportation device. On a spaceship (why not?). So, spaceship 🙂

What would you pick?

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5 Responses to Saturday Play – fantastical transport

  1. Lucie says:

    Dragon is pretty tempting. I’m quite happy to ride a dragon – although I’d prefer a vegetarian dragon for ease.

    The Iron Man suit is also quite tempting, although rather restricting and I fear bloody hot in the summer.

    Removable wings would probably get my bet. Or permanent wings would be cool too, but make clothes shopping more complicated. I’d take harder clothes shopping for the transport ease.

  2. Jade says:

    Hovercar, definitely. Flying carpet is a close second choice, but I just think it’d get way too windy on one of those.

  3. Vegetarian dragon – good idea. Easier to feed, too …

    Wings would be seriously awesome. I am very tempted by the idea of wings. Although if we’re sticking to the laws of physics (which is a bit of an ‘if’ …) they’d have to be so enormous that they might impede everyday life rather a lot (I’m thinking problems with doorways).

    Jade – you could keep a flying carpet in the back of your hovercar, for emergencies (or times when you feel the need to sing duets on a flying carpet)?

  4. Roseanna says:

    Chariot pulled by weasels. Ideally, it’d be cats, but I can’t imagine they’d be easily coerced into all going in the same direction. Or not sitting there stubbornly. Or not going to sleep. So weasels. Lots and lots of weasels.

    Alternatively, a litter/sedan chair. It would make the tourist-full streets of Cambridge much less troublesome of an afternoon. And heavy bags become no longer a problem. Though I suppose it’d be quite high on the running costs, having to pay the strong men for all their work… hmmm…

  5. Jade says:

    A flying carpet in the back of the hovercar would be awesome. I would probably actually only get it out when I wanted to sing 😉 haha you know me too well!

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