Love on the internet

(Really late on posting today … sorry about that.)

Today’s post is to highlight some of the love on the internet. Bringing to your attention a few places that, uh, give me hope (sorry … but I do have a soft spot for It’s not everyone’s cup of tea).

Buy Shoes Save Lives: An unfortunate name, I feel … it gets across what they sell, but not really how awesome they are. This is an organisation set up to sell hand-made shoes from Iraq, and a lot of the profit goes to finance heart surgery for Iraqi children. They’re also known as The Preemptive Love Coalition, which is a much better name.

The shoes are produced in fair trade conditions and the production process doesn’t create any carbon emissions. They also sell T shirts and accept direct donations and frankly seem to be bloody awesome people.

ItStartsWith.Us – I can’t say what they do better than they do. Look at this:

“The goal of ItStartsWith.Us is to build a global community of individuals focused on making a positive impact in the lives of the people around them.

Each and every one of us has the ability to change the world by touching lives in this way. And when we hear stories about the positive things others are doing, we become more aware of the opportunities we have to make a difference for the people around us.”

What I’d be really interested in is finding more places full of good things and hope on the internet … can you think of any? I’d really, really love more links. I guess it’s proof that humanity has its upside – the internet really isn’t just full of stupidity and porn. It’s also full of wonderful people who want to change the world and are getting on and doing it. That GMH.

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