Saturday Play – simple pleasures

It’s the end of the month … I’ve been paid!

This makes me very happy. (For the 2 weeks before payday I had been doing my best to spend nothing. Which gets quite hard when you’re hungry and tired.)

It’s quite tempting to blow lots of money on something to celebrate … I was trying to avoid doing this. But then, I did then find some BRAND NEW (well, last season’s) Doc Martens at TKMaxx for £30. RRP was £99. They are bright green patent leather and GORGEOUS.

But now that I’ve bought those, it’s back to trying not to spend money (much) for a while – I have other expensive things like a dentist checkup coming up this month, and I’d quite like to still have a little bit of money left in the week before next payday. So today’s question is:

if you had £5 / $10 to spend on simple pleasures, what would you buy?

(I’m not sure about my answer … I’ll have to think about it and come back and comment. )

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2 Responses to Saturday Play – simple pleasures

  1. Hmmm … okay, several sub-categories. Prices approximate.

    -a baguette (about 70p)
    -a pack of pate (about 70p)
    -some brie (£1)
    … and spend the remaining £2.60 on chocolate in some way.

    Take £5 and go to library withdrawn sales or charity shops. Book prices at the former around me are usually 20p for kids’ books (including good young adult stuff) to about £1 each for adults’ books; charity shops about £1-£3 per book.

    Baking …:
    Lately I’ve been thinking about macaroons rather a lot. I’m pretty sure £5 would buy enough ingredients to make a batch … and that would be fun, although they are supposed to be pretty difficult and our oven is somewhat uneven / temperamental, so that might be tricky. It’d be lovely if I could make some good ones though!

  2. Jade says:

    Ten dollars… hmm… probably a comic and a coffee, or a second-hand book and something small/sweet like chocolate or a muffin.

    Macaroons, ooh! There was a stall at uni last Thursday (Thursday at my uni is market day, all the student clubs set up stalls, there’s a big fruit & veg stall, books, handmade jewelry, electronics etc.) which was selling macaroons. I got a chocolate one and it was REALLY good! I hadn’t really had them a lot of times before, probably because they’re so hard to make. There is a bakery near my new work which I’m told does good ones, though.

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