How to plant bulbs

Showing the truly eclectic nature of ‘Knowledge on Thursday’ today we have … gardening!

I’ve never planted bulbs before – but I think the flowers that result from them are lovely. So when we were at the garden centre a few days ago, I got rather excited about the idea of planting things …

You will need:

1) Some bulbs. A handy-dandy gardening book might help too. These packs cost £4.99 (for 20 mixed mini daffodils) and £1.99 (for 25 ‘Ruby Giant’ purple crocuses).
2 packs of flower bulbs and a 'learn to garden' book

2) Some bulb compost to plant in. Apparently the important things are that it is a) free-draining and b) nutritious. I think this cost £3.99.
A bag of bulb planting compost

3) Somewhere to plant. You can dig a hole in the garden and fill it with bulb compost, but I’m doing this with pots:
Assorted flowerpots
The big shallow grey pot on the left cost about £4, the others we got free – our local garden centre has a crate in their carpark where you can bring old flowerpots (that are plastic recycling type 5) and they will recycle them / people can pick them up to use.

4) Some advice on planting. Here’s where the book comes in handy:
A diagram showing how deep to plant different bulbs
Lots of bulbs should be planted 2-3 times their own depth, and 2-3 times their own width apart. Right. Gotcha.

Now to the planting …

Step 1: Daffodils in the middle … I think they’re all the same kind. We’ll see. And then covered with dirt:

Some daffodil bulbs in the bottom of a large potA pot with dirt in it (daffodils now hidden)

Step 2: Some crocuses, planted more shallowly (because they’re smaller bulbs) around the edges:

Some crocus bulbs around the edge of the potPot now filled with dirt, crocuses hidden.

And that’s it! Now, I water and wait.

Do you garden? Have you planted bulbs before? What do you think of daffodils? They’re one of my favourite flowers – I love the fact that you can buy a bunch of closed buds, and like magic they open up in a vase …

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6 Responses to How to plant bulbs

  1. Railton says:

    I didn’t realise you had a full on blog! I thought it was just tea reviews! 🙂

    How long do you have to wait to get flowers? I had quite a lot of success with chilli plants – they look great when they get covered in chillis.

  2. CGM says:

    That looks exciting.

    We plant a lot of bulbs in our garden every year. However I’m trying to cut back because very few of them are native. I like daffodils — they tend to come back year after year which is good thing. It not cold enough for crocuses here, but we generally have tulips, Irises and Lillies as well as the daffodils.

  3. JadeC says:

    Great post! My parents are big into gardening, me not so much since I’m usually busy when they make a day of it. We have some beautiful plants around the house, and a little herb garden. I try to do some weeding here and there so the actual plants don’t get drowned in weeds 🙂

  4. Hey hey 🙂 I post the tea reviews on Facebook because I think they’re probably the bits that most of the people I know on FB would appreciate … but yes, all sorts of things on here!

    I’m not really sure how long I’ll have to wait before I see progress on these, except that they’re not supposed to flower until spring. Have to wait and see what happens …

    CGM – that sounds cool 🙂 how big is your garden? I’d really like to grow irises – maybe something for next year.

  5. (That’s weird – I didn’t see Jade’s comment when I left the one above – sorry!)

    What herbs do you have? We’ve been trying to grow some with modified success … I think the slugs have been getting at my basil :(. We have: mint in the garden, which is pretty robust, and then in pots: chives, rosemary, and basil, all of which are a bit straggly … I think we had some lemon thyme somewhere as well, but that may have died. It’s getting cold now, so I think I’m going to bring my basil plants (which I think are supposed to just die) inside and see if they survive and do anything interesting.

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