Saturday Play – Sleeeeep

Apologies for this post being late – I’ve been away from home since Tuesday, got back this evening. I’m really tired.

Hence this week’s question:

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever fallen asleep? (bonus points – or extra honour and glory – for anecdotes)

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2 Responses to Saturday Play – Sleeeeep

  1. JadeC says:

    Well, geez! I am one of those people who find getting to sleep quite difficult, unless I’m extremely tired. I’ve never fallen asleep in a weird place 😦 just normal places like couches, cars, planes… the floor once or twice while being at someone else’s house. Nothing remotely exciting, sorry!

  2. I’m too paranoid about people stealing my stuff to fall asleep anywhere really outrageous … think my list goes something like: couches, cars, planes, and buses or in lectures … the last two being the kind of horrible trying to keep yourself awake and starting to nod off and then jerking back into reality – repeat … lectures weren’t that bad, but in the third hour of sitting still in the same room with no natural light my body was not doing the whole awake thing. I learnt to have some tea before going in – get the caffeine on my side.

    I do have a friend who slept in lectures quite outrageously though – he had one lecture, then an hour’s gap (as he wasn’t taking that course), then a second lecture in the same room. During the gap (which was a lecture to everyone else) he’d lie down across 4 or 5 of the seats and fall sound asleep for an hour. The lecturer spotted him a few times and was amused 🙂

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