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It’s been a bit of a hectic week this week. Mostly because I was away from home from Tuesday evening to Saturday evening (work and seeing several sets of friends) which was lovely, but rather more draining than I realised it would be (I slept for 11 hours last night, and then spent the 2 hours before church doing almost nothing but reading the radio times and recharging).

In times like these, one needs a stalwart, reliable tea.

I’ve already introduced you to one of my favourite standby teas, Earl Grey, so here is the other: teadirect everyday (part of Cafédirect).

Tin of teaOpen octagonal tin showing teabags

This is the tin I keep it in – with the key bits of the cardboard box sellotaped onto the top (so I remember what’s in the tin). Much better than a flimsy cardboard box.

Source: The tea comes from Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, according to the website. I think it’s stocked in all large supermarkets – I can’t recall precisely where I bought this box. I bought it about a year ago in response to people coming to visit me (in my room at Uni), asking for tea, and then being overwhelmed by the choice and saying “… do you have any normal tea?”

Cost: Roughly £2.30 for 80 bags, or £4.20 for 160. Also available in enormous quantities (like 440 or 1100) if you have a big event … you can buy online at http://www.ethicalsuperstore.com.

Ethics: Fairtrade, hence excellent (see this post for more about Fairtrade).

Brewing instructions: boiling water, a minute or two to brew, according to how strong you like your tea. I’d recommend adding milk; sugar if you like.

Mug showing teabag in hot waterAppearance: … it looks like tea. Sorry, that’s not very lyrical, but it is true. This is supposed to be an everyday bog-standard tea, and it is. Mid-brown.

Nose: Tannins and milk, if I’m honest. Nothing terribly exciting.

Taste: A medium strong, bright-tasting tea. Nothing to write home about, but certainly respectable. A tasty and unoffensive cuppa.

Food Match: Sandwiches, cake, biscuits; plenty of choices. Anything an adult in an Enid Blyton book would eat (so a bit of a loaf of fruit cake: yes, spicy thai chilli king prawn skewers: no). I had mine with a chocolate chip biscuit:

Close-up of chocolate chip cookie and mug of tea

This was bought to fill the niche of “… normal tea?” and it does, very effectively. A good one to buy if you’re getting tea for the office / staff room / that sort of thing, I’d say. Not exciting, but definitely safe and reliable – and ethical.

Psst – what sort of tea should I review next? I could do: Whittard’s Jasmine Pearls white tea, ‘White Clouds’ white tea, Whittard’s Lemon, Ginger and Echinacea tea, Rosehip tea, Green tea with elderflower (I think …), Winter Spice Tea, or Pukka love (rose, chamomile and lavender) … I need help choosing!

Tin of tea
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4 Responses to Tea of the week – Teadirect Everyday

  1. Jade says:

    Rosehip tea, please! I’ve always been curious about it.

  2. Ignatius says:

    I think of the one’s you’ve mentioned I’ve only tried the green tea with elderflower which was very nice. I’d suggest one of the white ones as I had some very nice white tea at the may ball but I don’t think I had any of yours.

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