Saturday play – car games!

As I write this (on Friday morning) I am about to go off for a 2-day conferency thing. I’m getting a lift with friends – we’ll have about 2 hours in the car each way.

That got me thinking: car games!

What car games did you play as a child? And/Or what comparable games have you played as an adult?

Games I remember from childhood include the ubiquitous I-spy and 20 questions. Games as an adult (many played whilst standing in queues and things when some friends and I went sightseeing around Italy last year (the queue for the Uffizi is LONG)) include Botticelli and the Triangle game … and I need to go and finish packing so I’ll have to come back and explain what those are :).

What games have you played? Which did you particularly enjoy / dislike? Why?

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6 Responses to Saturday play – car games!

  1. What, nobody but met plays these games? Weird … 😉

    Botticelli is described rather well here:
    (Hey, I hadn’t thought about the fact that we played it a lot on a trip where we actually went and saw The Birth of Venus. Neat.)

    The triangle game is a rule-guessing game – you need at least one person in the group who understands the rule. Works quite well in a group of 4 or 5.

    To start off with, the person who understands the rule says “I can draw a triangle between … [A], [B], and [C]. Who is in it?” where the letters can be things like ‘that tree over there’ or ‘this doorway’. After a little while, they reveal who is in the triangle. They can continue giving examples, or other people can give examples to have a go or test out their hypotheses of what it is that lets you work out who is in the triangle.

    Other similar games we played included the water-bottle game (which I think was named such just because we had a water bottle handy) in which you pass an object around and say things like “I deserve this water bottle because … [reason]” and try to work out the rule for whether you deserve it, and the game “I like coffee but I don’t like tea”.

  2. Hazelnut says:

    Why have I not played these games? You must teach me!
    Of course, I do remember I spy, but I never enjoyed playing it with you that much because you always won and you weren’t hugely humble about it when you were young, lol.
    The other one I remember is word tennis, I used to really enjoy that, though it can go on forever, and is kind of pointless… but it entertained me at the time, lol.

  3. I’ll play some of them with you if I end up with you and a couple of other people sometime. The answer to why I haven’t taught you these games is because I only learnt them last summer 🙂

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