How to bake bread.

Okay. First up: this is totally cheating.

However! I have been watching The Great British Bake-Off. Wonderful program. Yesterday I watched the one about Bread ( – available for the next 12 days or so).

I now really want to bake bread.

Due to having to work and already having plans for the evening and things like that, I am sadly not able to bake bread today. However, I fully intend to bake some yeast-based product either tomorrow or Saturday, and when I have done so I shall come back here and post all about it 🙂 and this will actually become a how-to.

For the time being … check out Fresh from the oven: which is a blog community based around bread – they have a whole lot of bloggers baking the same kind of bread each month, and you can click through to get individuals’ posts about baking that particular loaf. It’s great stuff.

Also: many of the recipes from The Great British Bake-Off are available on the BBC website here. I think I may well pick one of those for my baking adventures!

UPDATE: I made foccacia bread on Saturday!

It was a bit of a faff … but mostly because it was a novelty. Now that I know I can do it it’d be a lot easier next time round. Also: our kitchen is a bad place to bake bread because it’s so cold … next time I would take things into other parts of the house to rise.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with these 🙂

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4 Responses to How to bake bread.

  1. Hazelnut says:

    Ooh ooh! I’ve been watching that too! Haven’t quite finished watching the bread one, I was about halfway through last night when I realised I was falling asleep so decided to save it for when I was more awake. I love the cake and biscuit ones, they really make me want to bake!

  2. CGM says:

    Yay bread! I’ve been baking bread a lot this summer and I find it really soothing — plus fresh bread tastes great.

  3. Update: I successfully made foccacia bread! From the Great British Bake-Off recipe – it’s got red onion and rosemary and sea salt on it. Lovely stuff. Pics and post soon (I hope).

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