Tea of the week – Whittard’s China Jasmine Pearls – UPDATED!


Hey hey,

Tea this week is going to be china Jasmine Pearls from Whittards.

Unfortunately I am SERIOUSLY running out of time right now. I will explain why later.

Here are the photos; I’ll update and edit in the review asap …


Update! Here’s the full review 🙂

^ Packet of Jasmine Pearls Premium White Tea.

Source: Whittard of Chelsea – I went on the website to check on it, but it doesn’t appear to be on there … I hope these aren’t discontinued.

Cost: They were £10 per packet when I bought them some time ago (in the last year, I think). That’s for a 50g packet, and as white tea is extremely rebrewable and you don’t need much at all for a cup, you get a lot of tea for your 50g. As a rough guess I’d say that you would get at least 20-30 cups.

Look at those tiny little things …

Ethics: This is the only thing I can find about Whittard’s ethics. It seems to mostly be “we’re nice to our growers and form relationships with them”. So far as I know, none of Whittard’s products are certified or independently evaluated in any way (e.g. organic or Fairtrade – I know organic isn’t exactly an ethical consideration, but I keep it in mind as if people are farming organically they’re not inhaling pesticides which I think is an ethical issue).

Brewing instructions: This is the fun bit!

So. You start with a few of the pearls, as in the picture above. Because it’s white tea, you want your water to be at about 80-85 degrees celsius – if you’re not too worried about being precise, just make sure you stop the kettle after it’s started making noise but before it’s properly boiling.

Steep for several minutes:

Watch the leaves unfold: I think this is really cool …

When it’s brewed, the tea will be very slightly coloured, like so:


Appearance: see above. And below:

Nose: You can smell the jasmine. The tea smells lovely and clean and calming, somehow.

Taste: White tea has a delicate, light taste. The jasmine complements this really well – shining through, but not taking over. Although it’s a light taste, it’s not weak (and actually, if you drink this tea too slowly and get down to the bottom having left the leaves in, it can be very potent).

This is a refreshing and possibly thoughtful tea … a similar white tea I had at a tea tasting was described as ‘pensive’. I think this tea is reflective. It’s a little bit relaxing and a little bit awakening.

Food match: As with most Jasmine teas, I think this tea goes really well with slightly salty or greasy foods – the Jasmine cuts through the salt/oil and complements it really well. I drank a cup of this tea with the foccacia I made earlier, and it was lovely.

I love the way the leaves unfold and uncurl, I think they’re so pretty … at this stage you could rebrew these leaves, several times, probably. (The trouble I tend to have with rebrewing white tea is that I don’t want to drink more than about one cup of it per day, so even when I have teas where I could get 6 cups out of one set of leaves I never do.) When rebrewing, you can brew the leaves for a longer time or with slightly hotter water to get a stronger flavour.

There we go! Sorry it took so long. Hope you like it … had white tea before? What do you think of it? Favourite white tea? Leave me a comment 🙂

(P.S. I was dashing off to go to a chocolate making workshop … photos from that appearing soon!)

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3 Responses to Tea of the week – Whittard’s China Jasmine Pearls – UPDATED!

  1. Railton says:

    That is seriously weird looking…

  2. Jade says:

    That looks SO COOL.

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