Cambodia (Tearfund Harvest Campaign 2010)

This is something I saw at Church last Sunday. I’m passing it on because things like these ought to be known.

Some things you may or may not know about Cambodia:

– Cambodia has been designated the 3rd most landmined country in the world (by UNICEF).
– Malnutrition rates in Cambodia are among the highest in Asia; almost 40% of children in Cambodia are chronically malnourished.
– Household-level food security is a problem because of factors such as: high levels of poverty, frequent flooding and drought, and poor food storage facilities.

(Citations / for further reading:
Tearfund Harvest Campaign page
UN World Food Programme – Cambodia)

I don’t have much spare money at the moment, so unfortunately I’m not donating to Tearfund’s campaign (have just paid Master’s fees …) but I’m trying to take up a policy of getting to know about things whether I feel that I can help change them straight away or not. You never know when extra knowledge might make a difference.

Got something that you think people should know about – but don’t? Tell us about it in the comments.

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