Saturday Play – fingerpainting

I was babysitting on Thursday šŸ™‚ for two rather lovely little girls (ages 5 and 8 – I think). In some ways it’s a magical time. Disney princess stickers are still wildly exciting (the little one has a sticker chart to help her go to school cheerfully), and being able to stay up til 8:30 watching Nigella on TV after your little sister has gone to bed is a treat.

While I don’t wish to go back to that sort of age, I think there are some things that we get to do in childhood and for some reason don’t do in adulthood … and there’s not necessarily a good reason to give them up.

I think fingerpainting is one of these. So today …

If you possibly can, get fingerpainting!
You can post a link to a picture in the comments, or email one to me at, and I’ll post it.

(If you really can’t face the mess (and I don’t think it has to be that messy, you’re not 3 any more), you could try fingerprint drawing.)

Edited to add: Here’s mine:

The thing on the right which is supposed to be a bunny started off as an elephant. Yeah. A really, really bad elephant … but it makes an okay bunny.

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