‘Do not suppose …’

A thought for today:

Do not suppose that your experience is universal.

Yes, we are all human.
Yes, we generally tend to love / fear / sleep / eat (though in very different ways).
Yes, there are many commonalities between us … but we are not the same.

Do not suppose that your experience is universal.

Other people are … other. And alongside embracing our common humanity we should accept that other people’s experiences are different to ours. (Sometimes they’re really, really different.)

And that means things like: not dismissing their feminism because in your experience total equality has been reached. Not dismissing their faith because it doesn’t fit your worldview. Not treating them as though in a given situation they will act precisely as you would act – because they are not you.

We experience life uniquely. Of course there are a lot of things we have in common with each other. But when someone else tells you something, and underneath it is a current of this is how life is for melisten.

(Just to be clear, this isn’t a response to anything or anyone in particular – something this past week made me think about it, but then that’s tapped into general themes and thoughts. Don’t want anyone thinking I’m passive-agressively ranting at them!)

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