Sam Ewing – “Hard work spotlights …”

Life is hard. This thought is something that seems to have been coming up a lot this past week. Partly with thoughts on the nature of suffering (added to prayers this week, all twice-removed (i.e. friends/family of friends): cancer, bereavement, a new baby with health problems). And partly as it’s now several weeks into term and the weather is getting colder and more miserable and just seems to be grinding lots of people I know down.

So. Life is hard. And sticking with things gets harder. I tried searching for quotations on this topic and found lots of crap (e.g. gushy sentimental things), but here’s one I liked:

Hard work spotlights the character
of people: some turn up their sleeves,
some turn up their noses,
and some don’t turn up at all.

– Sam Ewing


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