How to Knot-Wrap things* – UPDATED (lots of pics)

*slightly stolen from LUSH … will acknowledge properly tomorrow.

Today I have been out charity-shopping. I have purchased scarves such as will make nice Christmas wrapping things. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera with me, so will have to post about using scarves to wrap things later (probably tomorrow). Check back then!

So I’m back …

This post guest-stars: Archie

who was lying there looking all peaceful and asleep until I started doing things … and then came and ‘helped’. (See photos below.)

I was perhaps quite rightly accused of being too organised in the comments … I should point out here that this whole scarf buying thing was brought about by chance. I was shopping for jumpers to unravel for the yarn, and chanced across a few scarves for ~10p each and thought: aha, this is a good idea …

First up: here’s a set of rather poor-quality photos from my phone (the light wasn’t good, and I had no way to fix that). Some friends let me stay in their house on Thursday night while they were away, and left me a lovely note saying I should raid the cupboards/fridge, watch TV, make myself at home … I wanted to leave them a little something, so I got them some chocolate coins (Divine, from Oxfam) and left them wrapped in a red scarf with a thank-you note:


Secondly: Today I tried out wrapping some books, which are a potential Christmas present (again serendipitous … saw them at a really good price and thought it would be sensible to grab them). So, in a slightly more step-by-step manner:

1) Take some Things to be Wrapped, and some Fabric to Wrap the Things with. I’ve got a lovely golden-coloured scarf I want to use, but it’s translucent so I’m going to wrap my books in a green and white cotton bandanna thing first:

2) Go and look up some instructions. You can find ones from LUSH here, and ones from the Japanese Environment Ministry here. There are also some general comments / explanation about furoshiki from the Japanese Environment Ministry online here. Recycle Now has a video which shows a few of the methods of wrapping – I found that really useful to get an idea of what quantity of fabric you need for a given size of item.

I decided on a pretty simple wrap – the “Two-tie wrap” is what it’s labelled as on the LUSH page – because I essentially have a rectangular prism to deal with here.

3) Wrap present, whilst evading the cat. (Or at least moving him off the present every time he tries to sit on it …)

Covering up with the first scarf. This one isn’t big enough to tie around the books, but that’s fine, as it’s just providing an inner layer.

Sitting on the final flap is really helpful …Okay. Time to start the proper bit. Place package in the middle of the golden scarf, and fold two sides in and over:
Now you have two ends left – bring these up and tie into a square knot. You can puff them out to make the ends look more bow-like:or leave them a little smaller and skewed so you can see the ruching effect. I’m not sure which I think looks better.

Awwwww. It’s not for you …

So there we have it. I do approve of this as a manner of wrapping things … I’d like to get a couple of big furoshiki to use as general shopping bags and things. I’m not sure how big the ones LUSH make are, but those are recycled out of 2 plastic bottles each, which sounds pretty cool. I don’t expect I’ll buy any more scarves to use as wrapping unless I come across them really cheaply again – but I think I have a few od bits of fabric lying around which might find themselves turned into gift-wrap this Christmas.

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5 Responses to How to Knot-Wrap things* – UPDATED (lots of pics)

  1. Railton says:

    Stop being so organised with your Christmas shopping! You’re making the rest of us feel bad 🙂

  2. It was totally serendipitous. I was actually looking for knitted things that I could pull apart (because second hand jumpers are WAAAAY cheaper than buying new wool), and then I noticed this thing in the scarf drawer, and thought: that doesn’t look like a scarf, that looks like wrapping paper.

    And then I thought wait … there are lots of scarves here … some of them for 10p … Aha, I Have A Plan.

    (I also found a big green jumper that I am going to take to bits for the wool :))

  3. Railton says:

    I’ve convinced – they look great! 🙂

  4. Hazelnut says:

    Pretty pretty! I like the bow-style one, very nice.
    I miss Archie! Need to visit… 😀

  5. Yeah … come see us! (Okay, I’m not sure when you’d actually fit that in … after Christmas?) 🙂

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