Saturday play – childhood favourites

I was browsing through the Firebox online catalogue yesterday (they’ve got free shipping throughout October and November! This is a good thing 🙂 ) and spotted their whoopie pie items (cookbook and baking tin) which made me think of a kiwi food I miss:

Ginger kisses. Beautiful, beautiful ginger kisses. They’re sort of piped rounds of gingery sponge sandwiched together with a buttercream-esque filling. I guess they’re probably called kisses for the same reason as Hershey’s – that when they’re made it looks like the machine ‘kisses’ the tray, or something. We used to have them pretty often when we lived in NZ – usually bought from The Warehouse, I think – and they are definitely a food I really miss.

==> today I’d love to know …

What’s one thing from your childhood – a food, a toy, a game – that you miss? Why?

(I’ve found a promising-looking recipe for ginger kisses here; I might try making some sometime soon :))

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2 Responses to Saturday play – childhood favourites

  1. Hazelnut says:

    Ooh, ginger kisses. Definitely trying that at home too :D.

    Hmm… what do I miss… don’t really know…
    Ginger kisses would definitely be on my list, lol. Goody goody gumdrop ice cream…
    I miss netball… netball was so great back in NZ when I was on a more serious team, lol, when we got here it was all a bit lame…

    Good times…

  2. Mmmm … you did always like goody goody gumdrop ice cream. I’ll admit that I don’t see what the fuss is about (similarly jelly tip ice cream), but it’s certainly something that’s distinctive and hard to get elsewhere!

    Also a shame about netball … I guess it is bigger back in NZ 😦

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