How do you do … life?

(This is definitely not a post that claims to have answers.)

Over the past couple of days I’ve been wondering: what is the correct attitude towards life?

(This question admittedly assumes that there exists an answer. This may be a fatal flaw.)

I was thinking about optimism, and Making The Best Of Things. This is useful in many circumstances. But philosophically, is it the best thing to do? Is it the right thing to do? Is it in general a good way to deal with life?

Then I tried to work out what I’d read/heard in wisdom literature  / sermons … fear God. Rejoice always. Better is the day of death than the day of birth (wait … that’s not like the others …).

and then I was having a conversation with my Vicar (my Vicar? Not sure how to refer to him – the youth vicar at the church I go to, who is the person I have most contact with as I’m involved with youth work) – about all sorts of stuff. Not in particular about this – not even directly about this at any point.

But we started discussing Genesis – as you do. And we had a really quick look at the creation story (this makes it sound like some sort of Bible study session, but it was an ordinary conversation, honest) – and I learnt something new: that the word that says that humanity is made in the ‘image’ of God is the same word as was used for idols. So either that’s an enormous cock-up, or the author(s) was (were) making a point, and I think (and he thinks) that the latter is much more likely … so that leads to thinking: maybe humanity is made in the image of God to be God’s idols (there’s a sentence which feels/sounds heretical!) … I guess that means to be God’s physical manifestation in the world. To do the things that God does … so in the context of Genesis, to create and bring order and look after things.

Hey. I think that might work as a philosophy of life … create, bring order, look after things.

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