This week … I have actually been playing!

in a couple of ways, actually.

Firstly for work: we’ve got this questionnaire which has lots of open-ended questions that we put out about a month ago, and we’re going to stop accepting responses and start analysing the results soon. So part of my brief for this week was to go and play with the data we’ve got and work out what reasonable ways of analysing it are … and it was actually a lot of fun! I liked tinkering around with the different questions and working out what good ways to represent the data would be, and trying to find different angles to look at the data from …

Secondly for Christmas: I’m doing some artwork for my parents as a Christmas present (they moved house about 18 months ago now and where they’re now living has lots of big, blank walls) so I’ve got all sorts of bits and pieces … canvases and feathers and paper and glitter (probably won’t use the glitter) and fabric and paint and exciting things like that 🙂 I’ve been experimenting this evening and think I’ve got 1/3 of it planned .. little test things are still drying but I might be able to put together the final bit tomorrow 🙂

I was going to post a photo of my art stuff so far but I want it to be a surprise for Christmas … so you’re out of luck. Instead, I leave you with this:

Peacock featherWhat have you done this week that felt like play? What could you do?

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