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5 Things

I’m still on a bit of a blogging hiatus – planning to start again in the new year – but wanted to share this post by Nate of ItStartsWith.Us – click through, it’s short: 5 Things I Know For Sure

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This is Christmas

(Image scanned from free literature from the Winchester Christmas Fair. Couldn’t find copyright info)

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A third dose of Christmas cards …

… okay, three posts about this (see here and here for the two previous ones) is possibly a bit excessive. But it’s Christmas Eve, and all being well I’m driving to my parents’ and Chris is falling asleep in the … Continue reading

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More Christmas Cards from a mathmo

while service is disrupted … here’s a little extra holiday cheer :). These are some of the cards I made to send to internet friends overseas*, elaborating on the theme that I started playing with here (maths notes as patterned … Continue reading

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Service disrupted due to Snow and Swine Flu …

Hi all, I’m not going to be posting according to schedule for the next few days at least … I am somewhat under the weather (probably swine flu but a mild-ish case), lovely MIL has been in bed with same … Continue reading

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how not to write a blog post …

… have a supervision and then spend all day at work trying to do all the things you need to do because you’re going to be out of the office for the next month … (okay, I only work part … Continue reading

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On Driving

Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer. Author Unknown I drove somewhere unfamiliar this morning, for the first time in a while. The trouble with being eco-conscious and not wanting to make unnecessary journeys in the car is that it can … Continue reading

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Tea of the Week – not actually tea …

… but instead, tea brewing apparatus! And a bit of a plug for Char. While I was visiting Hazel, we went to a wonderful wonderful shop. It’s called Char, and it’s a lovely little shop packed with amazing teas (the … Continue reading

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Saturday play – collage!

As mentioned in Thursday’s post, I’m visiting Hazel for a couple of days. This morning I made her this collage, because last night I asked her “What do you want to tell the world [as an art student]?” and she … Continue reading

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2 pieces of life advice

1. How to make a student happy (at least temporarily): – come and visit them (with money) at the end of term, when nobody else has any money. – bring Krispy Kremes. (in related news, I have decided that the … Continue reading

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