2 pieces of life advice

1. How to make a student happy (at least temporarily):
– come and visit them (with money) at the end of term, when nobody else has any money.
– bring Krispy Kremes.

(in related news, I have decided that the correct way to buy Krispy Kremes is by the double dozen. Mmmmmm.)

2. Hats: they’re like socks for your head.
(This may not qualify as advice … but I thought of them this way for the first time yesterday and it was a revelation. I wouldn’t dream of going out without socks in very cold winter … I should take the same approach to hats).

This is a bit of a cop-out of a post, I know … I’m staying with my lovely sister 🙂 for a few days and so don’t have much time for writing.

Also talking about making students happy is a bit flippant at the moment with all the tuition fee stuff going around … I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. I understand that in terms of what a person is paying back at any given salary will be lower, but the sheer size of the debt and therefore the fact that it will take an extremely long time to pay it back is worrying … and I was reading something yesterday talking about interest rates potentially being above inflation – which really is something to worry about.
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