Tea of the Week – not actually tea …

… but instead, tea brewing apparatus! And a bit of a plug for Char.

While I was visiting Hazel, we went to a wonderful wonderful shop. It’s called Char, and it’s a lovely little shop packed with amazing teas (the tea society in Cambridge orders from them, and I went to that a couple of times last year, so I’ve tasted a fair few of their teas).

Having already spent quite a lot of money at the Winchester Christmas Market (felt brooches in the shape of lillies! in amazing colours!), I tried to restrain myself at Char … remembering that there would be other occasions on which I could visit. In the end, I bought two teas (Earl Grey Supreme – you know me by now!, and Lady Winchester which seems to be kind of Lady Grey but More So). And I bought a new tea infuser.

Now, I didn’t really need a new tea infuser … after all, I have several things already that do the job perfectly adequately. Look:

Several tea-infusing devices

I have disposable teabags, a bodum single-cup tea infuser, and a smallish teasock (possibly all purchased from Whittards, although I think that the bodum thing might’ve been from elsewhere – they’re pretty common). I have the capacity to make loose leaf tea. This has been well established.

But oh … look at this:

Stainless steel tea infuser with boxIt’s shiny.

This purchase, I think it is safe to say, has been a revolution in my tea-drinking life – and will probably encourage me to drink a lot more loose-leaf tea. It seems silly. I’ve had the bodum tea infuser for ages and ages, and they’re pretty much identical in terms of size and function.

But then … my liking for my new lovely stainless steel tea infuser (£5.95, from Char although they don’t seem to have it on the website) isn’t entirely on the grounds that it’s prettier than the others. The wonderful thing about it is that you can tell when it’s properly clean. It feels … much more hygenic somehow. Also, the little stand that it comes with is extremely useful – I used to end up leaving my bodum strainer in a second mug all the time, which added to the washing up and seemed pretty silly.

And look – it’s even got little heart cutouts as part of the sides, if you look closely:
Close-up of stainless steel strainerSweet.

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2 Responses to Tea of the Week – not actually tea …

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  2. Sabrina says:

    I like this tea infuser ,too. Now you can buy it on the web site. Thank you for your sharing. ^^

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