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More from Tiffany: on doing what needs to be done …

from Terry Pratchett’s I shall wear midnight (page 35):   He [her father] looked away. ‘I wish it wasn’t you doing this, Tiff. You’re not sixteen yet and I see you running around nursing people and bandaging people and who … Continue reading

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Tea of the Week – Char Lady Winchester

Today’s tea … Char Lady Winchester! I brought this tea to youth group this week, and 2 of the guys tried it and liked it … one of them said “it smells like cake!”. Hazel thinks it smells like jelly … Continue reading

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The Petersen Graph

I’m feeling slightly fed up with Educational Research at the moment … had my first supervision on my essay (due next month, comprises half of my assessment for this year) yesterday, and I have a lot of stuff to fix. … Continue reading

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What are you learning?

From the sermon at Church yesterday: How and what are you learning? The message was focused on drawing attention to the fact that many of us go through daily life doing things that need to be done without really thinking … Continue reading

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Tea of the Week – White Clouds

This is a tea that I bought from First Class Teas in Cambridge before it shut down due to the recession … their trade has been taken over by Iford Manor Teas (Will who was involved with First Class Teas … Continue reading

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Saturday play – quiz

Questions adapted from, which was a style-focused quiz. Because I used to love internet quizzes when I was younger (you know, favourite colour, favourite song, etc etc …) and I came across that blog post recently and thought an … Continue reading

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Musing on driving and independence

I’ve been doing some long-distance driving in the last couple of weeks (I’ve probably done 12 hours in the last week or so – mostly motorway but then slower bits finding places either end) . And something has kind of … Continue reading

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Wisdom from Spam?

I’ve been getting more spam comments lately – possibly as a result of signing up to PostAWeek2011. The 3 latest ones were kind of worth reading, though (the comment was fine, but the address posted from made it clearly spam), … Continue reading

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Tea of the Week – Char Earl Grey Supreme

More Earl Grey 🙂 yay! Source: Char, in Winchester – I went into the shop when visiting my sister. You can also buy online, or mail order over the phone – this is what the tea society at Cambridge University … Continue reading

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Saturday Play – Crazy ideas for political reform

A thought I had recently: I think that every politician in the UK should be made to sit down and read The Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky. Firstly, it would give them all something nice in … Continue reading

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