Tea Tea Tea … a retrospective

picture of a green teapot with caption 'more tea?'Today I present to you: an overview of the teas I’ve covered since starting this blog in August, and some thoughts on what might come next …

I have reviewed:

  1. Williamson Traditional Afternoon
  2. Tea Palace Eve’s Blend (green tea)
  3. Williamson Earl Grey
  4. Tea Palace Twilight (herbal tea)
  5. Pukka black spiced chai
  6. Teadirect Everyday
  7. Waitrose Organic Rosehip Tea
  8. Whittard China Jasmine Pearls (white tea)
  9. Whittard Lemon, Ginger and Echinacea
  10. Twinings Assam
  11. Dragonfly Rooibos Vanilla
  12. Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey Classic
  13. Clipper Green Tea with Lemon
  14. Tea Palace Covent Garden Tea
  15. Winter Warmer Tea
  16. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Darjeeling
  17. Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea
  18. Jacksons Sencha Green Tea with Mint
  19. Marks & Spencer Chai (black tea)
  20. Some tea-making equipment

Hey, I think that’s pretty good going. I’m pretty proud of that lot.

I count: 11 black teas, 3 green teas, 1 white tea, 3 herbal teas, and 1 redbush tea. That feels like a pretty good balance to me (what do you think?).

About half of the teas listed above were bought at some point over the last 5 months (i.e. after I had started reviewing teas on here). Now, however, I’ve reached my buying limit (the amount of tea I can store) so I mustn’t pick up anything new for a while! Having said that, I have enough to keep me going on teas for quite a long time – still un-reviewed I have (in no order):

  • Earl Grey Supreme (from Char)
  • Lady Winchester (from Char, a take on Lady Grey)
  • Yunnan Tuocha Pu Erh tea (in brick form)
  • Dragonfly Rooibos Earl Grey
  • Equal Exchange Buchu Honeybush Rooibos
  • White Clouds (another jasminey white tea)
  • Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend
  • Fortnum & Mason Elderflower flavoured Green Tea
  • China tea with rose petals (although I’m not sure where this came from and I’ve lost all labels from it, so I’m not sure how useful a review I can do)
  • Tea Palace Builder’s Brew
  • Tea Palace Smooth Caramel
  • Pukka love
  • Twinings Sweet Fennel

Wow, it looks such a long list when I stop and write them all out! Those would provide review material for the next 3 months … no doubt I will, in fact, buy some new tea in that time – but I’m going to try not to until I’ve brought the collection down at least a little.

Adding all of that up … I think that makes 32 teas. I can claim that 3 of them aren’t mine, but still, that makes 29 teas I own – I didn’t realise it had crept back up to that many. Do you have any collections that always seem to be larger than you remember them being?

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4 Responses to Tea Tea Tea … a retrospective

  1. Alison says:

    My CD collection keeps on growing when I’m not looking. I swear they just jump into my amazon shopping basket by themselves. Sam does not complain, because he has over 6000 records that I turn a blind eye to!

  2. chezkiri says:

    Probably notebooks, especially moleskine. In fact, I just another one up today and my husband politely asked me ” Don’t you already have a few sitting at home?.

    As far as teas, Tazo Zen, Om and China Green Tea are my favorites.

  3. Alison – sounds like you’ve got a good system (of accepting each other’s collections) going there! What kinds of music do you listen to most?

    chezkiri – ooh, I can relate … I love pretty notebooks. The trouble is, I end up with say a dozen of them which all have things written in the first 5 pages and are then blank … when what I really want is to use them one at a time and fill them properly. But it never quite seems to work out that way – I’ll think of a new idea and start a new notebook and then abandon it a few days later … do you tend to use your notebooks, or do they just sit around being beautiful? πŸ™‚

    • chezkiri says:

      I have to admit, they tend to sit around blank. A lot of them are from travel or gifts from family and hard to replace. Now that I have a growing collection of Moleskine, I tend to find it easier to start them, especially the thinner soft cover ones that sell in packs of 3. I carry a small one around and jot down ideas for blogging. Like you, though, I do have a few that I started. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to revisit these in 2011 πŸ™‚

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