The Secret Queen …

Collage of magazine cut-outs "The Secret Queen"Collage of words and images cut out from magazines – text: “THE SECRET QUEEN” “confidential” “Helping others is a way of life” “a selfless person” “a worthy hero” “new rule” “makebelieve” “THE GREATEST QUEEN EVER”

Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing with making collages like this – and this is one I particularly like. I came up with “THE SECRET QUEEN” “THE GREATEST QUEEN EVER” pretty quickly (“THE SECRET” came from some article title I’ve forgotten, “QUEEN” was part of “Queen Bee” being said about some celeb, and “THE GREATEST QUEEN EVER” was part of a movie ad).

Then I stopped and wondered … what do you put in between those things? What would really make someone the greatest Queen ever? What would you want them to be like?

I flicked through my pile of magazines (most of them pretty old I only buy a magazine once every few months, but I almost never get rid of them) and searched for quite a long time before finding things that I wanted to add. I didn’t want to say that the greatest queen ever had amazing hair and nails, or a great diet plan, or used some particular mascara. There has to be more to greatness than that.

It was a Tesco magazine article that had the small quotations I eventually found – “a worthy hero” “a selfless person” “Helping others is a way of life” (I think it was an article about great Dads). Selflessness and caring about others are – I think – pretty integral parts of being a truly great person.

What do you think makes someone great?

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2 Responses to The Secret Queen …

  1. CGM says:

    This inspired me to get out my drawer of collage stuff and play around a bit. So thanks.

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