Blogging in 2011 :)

This year, I’m joining in with WordPress’s posting challenge – my aim is to keep up with posting 4x a week, and I’m hoping that being a small part of the PostAWeek community will help me to keep up with this now that the novelty’s wearing off! (You can help, too, by commenting or liking posts … it’s always nice to know who’s reading! Puts something behind the pageview stats)

Other things I’m hoping for blogging in 2011:

  • I want to start tagging my posts properly – apparently one should aim for 5-10 tags for each post. Okay, I can probably do that …
  • I want to keep on using lots of images in my posts
  • I want to keep on providing descriptive alt tags for the images, as not doing so is an access issue (e.g. for people who use page readers).

In case you’re new around here, here’s a brief summary of what I try to post:

  • Mondays: something that makes me think, or something I think is worth thinking about. Lots of posts in the past have been based on quotations (blog category: Thinking Mondays)
  • Thursdays: knowledge, in some form or other … anything from crafts to how Fairtrade certification works (blog category: Knowledge on Thursday)
  • Saturdays: something playful and creative – started off as something fun to spend 5 minutes doing, is currently morphing more into showing what creative things I’ve been doing recently – I’m not sure quite where this category’s going to go yet (blog category: Saturday Play)
  • Sundays: a weekly tea review, with pictures, brewing instructions, ethics, suggested food matches, and more (blog category: Tea of the Week)

And in the same vein I should probably introduce myself – hi! I’m Eudoxia Friday :). I live in the UK, and currently work part time and study part time – along with dancing, helping run youth work at my Church, and drinking lots of tea! My work and study are both to do with maths education – I studied maths at University (graduated June 2010, so not long ago) and it’s a subject I’m really interested in, although glad to be taking a break from studying it myself! There’s some other information about me on the About Me page.

I hope you find something around here that piques your interest – I’ve been blogging here since August 2010, so there’s a reasonable number of archived posts to browse through.

Shameless request: please help me! Leave comments, like posts, email me with ideas, request teas for review, tell me how I can do things better and what you like / dislike about my writing … any and all feedback and interaction very, very welcome! Please help me to keep blogging through this year.

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3 Responses to Blogging in 2011 :)

  1. Jack V says:

    FWIW, I was not quite sure how to tag when I started tagging, but I quickly fell into the habit of having two separate sorts of tags: top-level mostly-exclusive tags to categorise a post into “life”, “witterings”, “games”, “philosophy” etc. And then add whatever other tags may help find the post later (eg. book author, book title, variant spellings thereof, anything else that seems useful). It’s a bit ad-hoc, but mostly seems to work without a large amount of up-front effort.

    And I have been glad to have both when I’ve looked for posts later.

  2. Railton says:–u5a3WT-kKtXT5_4_gahOUKt9mm8nnLi4V_LV0v0?feat=directlink


    I’ve noticed quite a steep drop off in the number of posts I do a month…. should probably do less epic posts and more a little and often I suppose. Kudos for being so disciplined about it!

  3. Great pic!

    Yeah, blogging regularly can be … quite an undertaking. It helps that I’m not studying full time anymore – don’t think I would’ve done this if I had been!

    Jack – good advice 🙂 I hadn’t thought about tags in terms of me searching for things later. Which seems really obvious once you say it!

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