Epiphany: You’ve got to dree your weird

Today, January 6th, is Epiphany. The twelfth day of Christmas, and the day to remember the visit of the magi.

Somewhat sadly, this means that I’ve come to the end of the Advent book I’ve been following (Beginnings and Endings [and what happens in between] by Maggi Dawn). But with today’s reading, the book has ended well. It’s entitled:

The end is a new beginning: returning by another way.

It focuses on the magi and the holy family after the pretty bit with the presents  – as they scatter from the scene, plans disrupted, trying to stay out of the way of bloodthirsty rulers. Not able to go back the way they came. Encounters occurred, circumstances changed, and they had to face up to it and cope with the chaos that that brought.

Which is where the Pratchett comes in: (here’s a reminder)

From ‘Fairies and How to Avoid Them’ by Miss Perspicacia Tick:

Dree your/my/his/her weird: facing the fate that is in store for you/me/him/her.

I think life is about lots of things. Love, pain, death, faith, science, and food, to name a few. And in amongst them all, facing up to whatever life’s thrown at you, because you can’t go backwards. You’ve got to dree your weird.

Admittedly that’s probably supposed to apply to major things (like being chased by a hiver), rather than smaller things (like getting pissed at the application system for a British passport or frustrated by trying to plan journeys online), but I think that facing up to what you have to do – from the immense to the mundane (including the immensely mundane) – is pretty important in all circumstances.

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2 Responses to Epiphany: You’ve got to dree your weird

  1. Hazelnut says:

    Hmm… I think this is definitely something I need to remember.
    I need to dree my weird.

  2. I’m thinking of making this into a big poster to hang above my desk (maybe on the ceiling – the slopey bit). Facing up to the stuff you have to do – and keeping on facing up to it – and doing it again – even though you’re tired … that’s powerful stuff. It does kind of suck while you’re in the middle of it. But then it *is* worth it.

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