Saturday play – hearts

colourful heartsMore of my cut-and-stick-from-magazines … I loved the colours here. It was actually a page showcasing various fabrics from some interiors feature, I think. Lovely vibrant colours …

Hazel tells me that one of her tutors says: in art, if you’re not really sure about what you’re doing, do lots of it. Where one thing looks silly, 50 will look impressive*. That’s definitely  formula I like.

(*I think Nigella says similar things about food for parties … have few things, but LOTS of them. Also a good plan. Minimises the effect where nobody feels that they can eat one of X because there are only 2 left and they’re being polite, plus is easier to prepare.)

Is this a philosophy – do few things, and lots of them – you follow? Where? Art, cooking, relationships, sports, …?

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2 Responses to Saturday play – hearts

  1. Hazelnut says:

    Good principle methinks :P. Could be a good one for life in general, but certainly useful for art and cooking :D.

  2. 😀 what art / cooking have you been doing recently? Was good to talk to you yesterday 🙂

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