More from Tiffany: on doing what needs to be done …

from Terry Pratchett’s I shall wear midnight (page 35):


He [her father] looked away. ‘I wish it wasn’t you doing this, Tiff. You’re not sixteen yet and I see you running around nursing people and bandaging people and who knows what chores. You shouldn’t have to be doing all of that.’
‘Yes, I know,’ said Tiffany.
Why?‘ he asked again.
‘Because other people don’t, or won’t, or can’t, that’s why.’
‘But it’s not your business, is it?’
‘I make it my business. I’m a witch. It’s what we do. When it’s nobody else’s business, it’s my business,’ Tiffany said quickly
‘Yes, but we all thought it was going to be about whizzing around on brooms and suchlike, not cutting old ladies’ toenails for them.’
‘But people don’t understand what’s needed,’ said Tiffany.
‘Witches notice these things. Oh, there’s a certain amount of whizzing about, that’s true enough, but mostly it’s only to get quickly to somewhere there is a mess.’


Terry Pratchett’s witches are amazing characters: often looked at suspiciously by the people around them, but generally getting on with things and doing what needs to be done when nobody else will do it.

I like this quotation because of the implicit self-sacrifice and commitment to making things right, even if they’re not your responsibility.

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