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Thoughts on happiness

This post is brought to you by ‘ENOUGH’ by John Naish, and some program about the Kardashians I was half-watching last night. I was half-watching some rubbish TV last night, while waiting for C to come home … I was … Continue reading

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(weekend in Bristol!)

I’ve had a great time at IVFDF 2011 :). May post a few photos tomorrow – although I didn’t take very many, deciding it was more important as a rule to spend time doing stuff rather than documenting it … … Continue reading

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Nigella’s Chocolate Mousse :)

It’s been a tiring few days. More on that tomorrow, perhaps … for today: on with the mousse! You can find the recipe for free here: It’s from the book Nigella Express. I made this for a family get-together … Continue reading

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Many people will have already heard about the earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand something like 36 hours ago … if not google “Christchurch earthquake” or something or look here. The last figure I saw for the death toll was … Continue reading

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Don’t just do something …

I’m currently reading “Enough: breaking free from the world of excess” by John Naish. In the introduction he mentions an old Zen joke: Don’t just do something. Sit there. I think that’s great. (It also seems like a pretty good … Continue reading

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Tea of the Week – Twinings Sweet Fennel

We had a family get-together-thing for lunch today, which grew into spending all afternoon, as these things are wont to do. This was lovely, but means I am now feeling Rather Full (I think I probably ate too much chocolate … Continue reading

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Saturday Play – Movements (Rend Collective Experiment)

This is a song that I heard a few months ago … I didn’t think it was particularly special to start off with, but it got stuck in my head and … definitely started to grow on me. I now … Continue reading

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Definitions: a rant

So, as readers of this blog may know, I did maths as an undergraduate (graduated last summer), and am now working / studying in Education. And a very frequently recurring thought is … WHY CAN’T SOCIAL SCIENTISTS AGREE ON WHAT … Continue reading

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from Forever in Blue (Ann Brashares)

(Setup: Bee has just realised that she’s acted in a way she’s not proud of … and had a bit of a lucky escape before doing something really regrettable. She’s out walking to clear her head, and thinking about growing … Continue reading

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(tea post missing)

Hi all, Apologies for the lack of a tea review today – I’ve not had much time with family lately (OH works Saturdays, and his day off during the week for the past few weeks has been whilst I’m in … Continue reading

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