Tea of the Week – Dragonfly Rooibos Earl Grey

This week I’m (quite briefly) looking at Rooibos Earl Grey … I’ve had this tea for a long time, and unfortunately have got rid of the box, so no packaging photos here.

Source: Purchased from a large supermarket (can’t remember which one …) – look out for Dragonfly teas in supermarkets or health shops, or buy online. Rooibos from South Africa.

Teabag in mugCost: £2.29 for 40 teabags (100g).

Ethics: This particular tea isn’t Fairtrade / Organic / any other certification. Dragonfly as a whole sell some Fairtrade and organic teas, say in their values page that they care about quality, sustainability and fairness, and give details of some of the community projects they’re involved with here.

Brewing Instructions: With boiling water, brew for 3 or 4 minutes. The website says to add sugar or honey; I think it’s sweet enough as is. Milk optional. (Website also suggests drinking this as an iced tea – I haven’t tried that, but it would probably be rather nice). I’m drinking mine without milk today as I had an enormous pub lunch and feel like it’s lighter this way …

Tea brewing 1Tea brewing 2Appearance: Glorious chestnut colour. Really gorgeous! Once you add milk (which I’m not doing this evening), it looks pretty boring though.

Tea brewing 3

Nose: Distinctively rooibos … slightly sweet, kind of leafy (but not green) … definitely with a note of something different, but I wouldn’t have realised it was earl grey if they didn’t say so on the box. I suppose it smells very different from black earl grey.

Taste: Recently I’ve been wishing I had more words for smell and taste – this is definitely one of those times!

This is a slightly sweet tea. I think that the bergamot brings out the sweetness particularly. It’s not sweet like sugar, or like roses, but like … well, rooibos. I’ve not tasted anything else to compare it to.

There’s a slight citrus aftertaste, if you sit still and think “what on earth does this taste of?” for long enough.

Food match: As said above, I’m stuffed, so not eating anything with this … on a normal day, though … I think I’d drink this whilst eating muesli.

Would I buy this again? Probably. After all, I have gone through almost 40 cups of it … at the moment I prefer the Vanilla Rooibos, but it’ll probably go in cycles.

I feel like I’ve only stated the obvious in this post … sorry! It is all true, though. And I find rooibos a really tricky taste to try and describe – it tastes like, well, itself … anybody have any tips or things to compare it to?

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