Saturday play – things that make you happy :)

Today is a good day. I’ve done some work on my essay (final draft-for-supervision due noon on Monday), I’m going to see friends this afternoon, and go dancing this evening.

More importantly, my physical fitness is going up 🙂 which is definitely contributing to an overall sense of wellbeing … over the Christmas period I wasn’t moving much, and was eating ‘badly’ – being at home for the holidays removed most of my dancing/walking exercise, and meant I ate rather a lot of rather unhealthy but delicious things! I don’t regret it, but it’s nice to be feeling fitter again.

Here’s a list of some things that make me happy:

  • hugs
  • seeing friends
  • tea and cake
  • good books
  • dancing!

and I consider myself very fortunate that today will have all of those in it …

What makes you happy?

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