Tea of the Week – Twinings Sweet Fennel

We had a family get-together-thing for lunch today, which grew into spending all afternoon, as these things are wont to do.

This was lovely, but means I am now feeling Rather Full (I think I probably ate too much chocolate mousse … I made the chocolate mousse. A Nigella recipe. It was delicious.) so for a tea tonight I wanted something that could act sort of as a digestif … enter Twinings Sweet Fennel:

Twining Sweet Fennel label

I got rid of the box for space reasons a while back ...

Revive and revitalise. That sounds good.

Source: Bought this in a supermarket … no idea where the Fennel is grown.

Cost: £1.25 for 20teabag teabags, according to the Twinings online shop.

Ethics: No info. (I bought this quite a while ago, these days I’d probably buy a pukka tea or something like that that had some information about how it’s been produced)

Brewing instructions: The website says 2-3 minutes … I say just leave the bag in. Boiling water, no milk.

Appearance: Light, soothing, refreshing.

TeeeeeaNose / Taste: Fairly light, fairly gentle … smells sweet. Slighly licorice taste, which comes through more strongly in the aftertaste. Soothing and a little sweet – it says you can add honey, but I think it’s sweet enough as it is. (Although I suspect that with many sweet-ish herbal teas, once you’re used to them they taste sweet enough, but if you’re having them for the first time you might find them more palatable with honey)

Food match: This is a tea for after food … and a really good tea for after you’ve had Too Much Food. Mmmmm. Lovely.

Chocolate mousse ingredients

(And as a sneak peek: this is what was in my chocolate mousse ... how promising does that look? I'm planning a brief photo post later in the week with more mousse-y goodness.)

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