Many people will have already heard about the earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand something like 36 hours ago … if not google “Christchurch earthquake” or something or look here. The last figure I saw for the death toll was 75, and an estimated 300 people still missing. The photos of the devastation are scary; I can’t quite believe the Cathedral’s spire is gone … I don’t personally know many people in that area and the people I do know are accounted for. Not that that makes it any less tragic

Please pray for the victims and for the city (if you believe in prayer). There are places you can donate – I’m guessing that the best thing to do is to google for ones relevant to where you live (I’ve seen details for how to give if you’re in NZ, but not sure what the most effective way is to donate from outside the country).

I don’t really have anything articulate to say about this, but it seemed wrong not to say anything.

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