Saturday Play – songs for the car …

(I’ve spent quite a lot of time today driving – H was homesick 😦 her friends at Uni not really being around (they have a week without lectures, so people are going home etc), and Mum and Dad are in NZ at the moment so she hasn’t been able to speak to them for about a week. So this morning I went to get her, and now she’s here with us for a few days 🙂 much happier. It’s nice to be around people.)

What do you listen to in the car (if anything)?

Colourful speakersImage: renjith krishnan

My default car-listening is Radio 4 … but great songs are fun too :). What I listen to depends on who else is in the car (it’s no fun listening to something if someone’s sitting next to you frowning). I think my favourites would be:

  • if C is in the car: Flanders and Swann
  • if H is in the car: Newsboys, anything we can both sing along to
  • if I’m on my own: anything goes! At the moment I want my Captain Ward CD … I’ve managed to misplace it 😦

What do you like to listen to whilst driving / being driven?

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3 Responses to Saturday Play – songs for the car …

  1. Alison says:

    If it’s a Saturday afternoon I’ll be listening to sport. When I can be bothered to plug in my complicated mp3-playing-arrangement, I listen to Muse or Radiohead or The Stone Roses or various compilations of 90s indie. Otherwise, Radio 2 or Classic FM or Radio 3 depending on my mood.

  2. Quite a mix 🙂 you have wide-reaching tastes!

  3. herndonjw says:

    I love music! And I like to be familiar with lots of “popular” music. My commute is my time to intentionally diversify my listening. So, I usually listen to a couple new records each month and, once those are done, I then resort to old favorites. (Shameless plug: I actually keep a list of music I listen to (along with movies I watch and books I read) at my “other” blog, Lots of Lists.)

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