Today I feel kind of like the person depicted in this:

Except not about bacon, about PANCAKES!

Which is good, since they’re a lot healthier. So really I’m lacking the ‘this will make me really unhealthy bit’, and just enjoying the ‘hey … why not?’ side of things 🙂

I’m a grown up … I can make pancakes whenever I want! So in a minute I’m going to get of the internet and go do just that. I’m going to try out Jamie’s recipe (just the pancakes, not the topping) – not because I think that you really need much of a recipe for these, just because I was flipping through his Ministry of Food and thought the page looked nice.

Nom nom nom.

What – if anything – do you like to make ‘just because you can’?

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5 Responses to PANCAKES!

  1. Railton says:

    Hahaha! This is quite simply the story of my life. It’s usually stupid stuff like “I’m going to eat a litre of icecream for dinner because I can . Though I am trying to stop doing that because at this rate I’ll end up with diabetes in a couple of years…. Such a bad sweet tooth…! But yes, you’re not alone 🙂

  2. Railton says:

    Gah! Italics fail.

  3. Oh man. Icecream … that was another liberating realisation as a student. “Hey, I can buy Ben and Jerry’s WHENEVER I WANT!”. Budgeting and trying to be generally healthy tended to keep that in check … but still. Dublin mudslide. Or Phish Food. Or Cookie Dough. Mmmmmm…

  4. Alison says:

    With me, it was cheese. In fact, I remember telling my brother that the best bit of being a grown-up was being able to eat cheese whenever you wanted. And pickled onions.

  5. Hazelnut says:

    Definitely Ben and Jerry’s, any occasion when they’re on sale I have to try and convince myself I don’t need it… but it’s totally worth it :P. Dublin mudslide sounds exciting… mmm…

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