Vegan baking – an attempt …

So the plan was that I would have my waistcoat finished by now, so that I could do a second post about it. As it happens, other stuff – well, happened (some work took a lot longer than I thought it would, some other stuff came up) so I haven’t got that far yet – so instead, today we have a post about vegan baking.

One of the people I know from Church has gone vegan for Lent, and looking up some stuff about how Lent has historically been observed, it seemed appropriate. So I planned to bake a vegan chocolate cake to take to youth group tonight.

It worked … kind of. The cake was a bit dense and pudding-y. It fell apart a bit, so I smothered it in vegan icing (which was mostly sugar syrup, but looked awesome), and then made some cupcakes to a slightly different recipe, which worked pretty well. Pics:

I’m not posting the recipes I used – which I found just by Googling – because neither of them was particularly good. The cakes were okay, people ate them, they tasted fine, but next time I would look for other recipes to try. I was restricted as I had to look for recipes which only used things we had already (e.g. flour, cocoa, sugar, vinegar, vegetable oil) rather than other things so e.g. I didn’t have any vegan margarine, soy milk, egg substitute or anything like that – I suspect one can make much more cake-like cake with vegan margarine. I found that the recipe using baking soda and vinegar as well as self-raising flour (cupcakes) rose better and gave a better texture than the cake one (which just had a lot of baking powder in it).

Have you had success with vegan baking? Any tips, tricks or recipes to share?

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2 Responses to Vegan baking – an attempt …

  1. (Also, I do note that baking cake especially for Lent is potentially ironic – creating something ‘indulgent’ in such a season. Given that we generally have cake / biscuits / sweets at youth group anyway, I didn’t think it was too bad.)

  2. Louise says:

    The vinegar/baking soda one is always going to work better, if you remember the kitchen volcanoes! In my experience, vegan cake is pretty much always denser and more pudding-y than non-vegan cake – if you want to make it lighter, try substituting half the sugar with icing sugar, it dissolves better.

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