Saturday play – organising!

This may seem to be a bit of a contradiction in terms – play and organisation going together … but recently I have been somewhat enjoying organising / decluttering / tidying stuff up. It’s been paying off – giving more clear floor space / table space / areas that are fit for purpose.

Today I’m tackling C’s desk. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but he’s paying me :). Here’s the before picture …

C's desk - before ...

C's desk - and this is much tidier than it has been!

I’m hoping to have a nice ‘after’ picture later today …

Do you enjoy organising things? Sometimes? Never? Some things but not others?

Update: After photos!

Desk - after!

Desk - after!

Under-desk organised

Under-desk organised

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5 Responses to Saturday play – organising!

  1. Jack V says:

    It seems like many things, when you’re not stressed about it, and get time to do it well, it is really satisfying and fun. But most people ARE always stressed about it, so have almost entirely negative connotations.

  2. In some ways, tidying this up is kind of the culmination of MONTHS of lesser tidying, during which time half of the room this is in has turned from GIANT PILES OF STUFF EVERYWHERE into something kind of use-able, so I think it’s been extra-satisfying because of tat – once I take the bags of rubbish / pile of cardboard for recycling down, the loft will be SO MUCH MORE useful than ever before! šŸ™‚

  3. Railton says:

    Ye, having a really good tidy is nice sometimes šŸ™‚

    (Can’t believe your husband you to clean up his desk though :D)

  4. Railton says:

    Oh, that was meant to be a italics “paid”.. I suck at HTML….

  5. Yeah, well … I should probably add as context that at the moment I’m pretty broke because I’m saving to go to see family in Malaysia in a couple of months (and therefore jumping at any chance to earn a bit more), whereas he is rather less broke and more time-strapped (he works full time) so this seemed a useful arrangement šŸ™‚

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