Waistcoat – part II

It looks like this is going to be a three-parter – although I’m making good progress with hemming, there are still buttons and buttonholes to sort out 🙂

So – to recap: you have your pattern pieces (a front-right, a front-left, and a back or if like me you didn’t buy wide enough fabric, two bits of back that need to be sewn together). Constructing the waistcoat is pretty easy … you just need to sew under the arms, and over the shoulders, and sew the darts.

I’m using backstitch throughout, partly for strength and partly because it looks fairly good from the ‘right side’. I sewed french seams to do the shoulders /under the arms – not for any particular reason, just because I wanted to try them out really … the darts I just pinned together and sewed. So that’s 6 seams to construct the waistcoat.

After that, there’s just hemming to do … quite a lot of hemming. You could do this using bias binding, but I’m just turning the edges under for about a 6mm hem. I’m doing this in a pretty lazy / imprecise way – just turning stuff under and ironing (i.e. not measuring and pinning beforehand) and then sewing along that … I don’t mind if my hems are slightly crooked.

And that’s that! A waistcoat, all put together … I’ve also bought (although not yet put together) some self-cover buttons, i.e. buttons that you cover with fabric of your choice so that they match your garment. And I’ll be hand-sewing buttonholes – that should be fun!

(Photos coming soon)

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