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The morning after … bunting!

So, I hear there was a wedding yesterday*. And there were street parties. By which I mean in true mathmo fashion: there existed at least two street parties; I know this because there were two very close to where we … Continue reading

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Tall’s Three Worlds of Mathematics

Disclaimer: as I am only starting to read up on these things, there may be some errors below – everything is true to the best of my knowledge, but my knowledge is as yet shallow. For the last few weeks, … Continue reading

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There are many wonderful things …

“There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.” Charles D. Gill (thanks to TWLOHA for sharing this quotation on Facebook)

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Easter Day!

Happy Easter! Just some photos today – no tea, I’m afraid. A summary of my day 🙂 Then family lunch – didn’t take any photos. C’s Dad and brother came over, so there were 5 of us. We had shoulder … Continue reading

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Saturday play – quizzing!

Some time ago, I took the Belief-o-Matic quiz at It was really pretty good … and I found the results amusing and somewhat enlightening. It asks some fairly sensible questions (is not obviously biased towards a particular belief system) … Continue reading

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Eudoxia Attempts to Shop More Ethically …

… with mixed success. Success #1: Godiva 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar from LUSH :). I was near to running out of shampoo, so instead of doing my usual thing (forgetting to buy anything new until I completely run out, … Continue reading

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Every accomplishment starts …

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”. (Author unknown) (I’ve recently started the NHS “Couch to 5k” running plan – just completed my second Week 3 run. Hence for me at the moment, these shoes are a symbol of … Continue reading

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Tea of the Week – Pukka Morning Time

This week: another Pukka tea; morning time. “organic rooibos, honeybush & red ginseng tea” Source: I think I picked up this box in Tesco – for some reason it doesn’t seem to be on the pukka website. Not sure where … Continue reading

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Poem for a sunny day …

Isn’t it funny How a bear likes honey? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I wonder why he does? A. A. Milne

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Making self-cover buttons

Okay, okay, probably nobody needs instructions on how to do this. But I thought these pictures (from making my waistcoat) were really pretty … so here they are: First: Pick your fabric, and buy your self-cover buttons – they come … Continue reading

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