Tea of the week: F&M Royal Blend

Tea tin!I think I’m nearing the end of my current stash of different teas … help! (There’s still a lot of tea to drink, just I’ve already reviewed most of it …)

This afternoon we (C, MIL and I) were sitting down looking through plans to potentially remodel the kitchen/bathroom. Hence this post is brought to you with a background of C’s elbows / iPad (being used to look up fittings) / random papers …

It was definitely an afternoon on which I Needed Tea. Which might mean that I’m not quite as objective as I ought to be … it’s hard to try to gauge one’s own objectivity!

Back of tea tinSource: Tea from Assam/Ceylon, via Fortnum & Mason.

Cost: This tin was part of a gift set, and so is smaller than you can buy separately. This tea is available from £1.50 for a 50g tasting sample to £7.50 for 250g loose leaf. Also available in teabag form – see website for details.

Ethics: No information.

Brewing ...

Brewing instructions: I used a teaspoon of tea leaves and just-boiling water for 3 minutes, and it turned out well – if you want it really strong, add more tea leaves / brew for slightly longer.

Nose: Can only really smell the Assam – warm, malty. Not particularly aromatic – mind you, I forgot to ‘look’ for aroma until after I’d added milk, which will have muffled it.

Taste: This is a great blend. It says “Sturdy Assam, Refreshing Ceylon” on the tin and that really is a good summary – the Assam gives it strength, but it’s not overpowering, and the Ceylon softens the aftertaste. I find that assam sometimes has a very slightly dry/acrid aftertaste, and this tea definitely didn’t – which made it very drinkable. The F&M website describes it as ‘smooth, almost honey-like’ and while I’m not quite sure on the honey-like, it’s definitely smooth. Brewed as I made it, it tasted slightly stronger than ‘normal’ tea – you could definitely easily brew a much stronger cup if you wanted to.

Food match: I didn’t have any snacks with my tea this afternoon … but I should think just about anything cakey/biscuity/sandwichy would work.


Look, it's Winnie-the-Pooh ...

So I’m getting to the end of my stash and yet I have a lot of tea so don’t want to buy lots more just yet – help, what should I do? Look at the history of tea or tea cultivation or something for a few weeks? Give away my current stash so I have room to buy some more stuff? Take a break from tea and concentrate on something else on Sundays? Suggestions please!

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