Fun things! Sunshine!

The sun is out! Maybe not for long … but let’s enjoy it while it’s here 🙂

Fun things to share:

New wig! (and icecream)

New wig! And cookie dough!

New wig! I think I’ve worked out the best way of putting up my hair so it will stay under the wig properly – it involves multiple french braids and a stocking.

And Ben and Jerry’s is always nice …

Blossom in the garden

Spring is here!

Our garden looks all pretty on sunny days.

Sleeping cat

Sleeping cat

I think he’s been on that bed all day …

Mother's day roses

Mother's day roses

I bought these for my mother-in-law last Sunday, and they’re holding up pretty well.

What have you seen around you lately? Is the sun shining where you live?
Notes: as briefly mentioned on Thursday, I’ve been thinking about consumerism lately – so for the record: the wig also raises money for Cancer Research (and is for dance kit, which may not be relevant but makes a difference to how I think about it). Although Cookie Dough is not yet fairtrade Ben & Jerry’s have a commitment to make all ingredients fairtrade that can be by the end of 2011 (NB I don’t know if this only applies to their UK/European production or if it’s worldwide). The roses are fairtrade (from Kenya).
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