Tea of the Week – Pukka Morning Time

This week: another Pukka tea; morning time.
“organic rooibos, honeybush & red ginseng tea”

Box of morning time teaBox of tea and sachet

Source: I think I picked up this box in Tesco – for some reason it doesn’t seem to be on the pukka website. Not sure where the ingredients were grown – the rooibos (which makes up 70%) is Fairtrade certified, therefore was grown somewhere that grows Fairtrade rooibos … see:

Back of boxCost: Approx £2 for a box of 20 sachets. Most Pukka teas are roughly this price.

Ethics: Fairtrade! (theTea beginning to brew rooibos – 70% of ingredients). All organically grown. They used to have the Pukka Pledge on their website (e.g. when I wrote this post, which gives details) which detailed other commitments such as being purely vegetarian and carbon neutral – I assume they are still just as ethical, but they’ve had a general website redo and I can’t find pages about ethics anymore.

Brewing instructions: You’re supposed to leave it to infuse for at least 5 minutes. Having tasted it at various points whilst brewing, I would really encourage this … the taste seems to change quite a lot in the first 5 minutes, becoming decidedly more palatable!

It looks quite pretty, too.

Appearance: golden-y red-y – not surprising as it’s rooibos based. Here’s what it looks like with a cat:Tea and chat (cat)

Nose: er … weird. Slightly … musty … in a “herbal” sort of way. I am not a fan of the smell.

Taste: pretty terrible in the first couple of minutes – really do brew it for 5 minutes. I think it makes the licorice and honeybush (which sweeten the tea) develop properly. From some brief googling, I think it is plausible to conjecture: red ginseng actually tastes pretty foul (but has health benefits), so the other things are added to make it taste okay …

So: after the proper brewing time … it starts to mostly taste of rooibos, with a sweet aftertaste. It has a bit of a hint of aniseed or fennel – I couldn’t work out what that could be until I reread the ingredients and realised there was licorice in it! A pretty palatable tea, really, if not one to set the world on fire. Decent tea, with a bit of a fennel taste and a note of sweetness following afterwards.

Food match: I had mine with a welshcake. You can see the very small part of the welshcake that’s left in the background of this photo:

Tea and welshcakeAnd that’s it! Another week, another tea … not sure what I’m going to do next week, though; I don’t have any more teas lined up … any suggestions?

The last bit of the tea ...

Eudoxia contemplates the very end of the tea

(No really, I need your help – ideas? Do I buy more tea? Do I switch to doing something else on Sundays? Do I try and find out more about the history of tea? Grow my own tea? Help!)

Although of course as always all comments welcome, whether they help with this particular question or not  – I’m all ears! Leave me a comment below …

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6 Responses to Tea of the Week – Pukka Morning Time

  1. Theo says:

    I have a cunning plan to procure you some tea from Parts Exceedingly Foreign. Will take some months to achieve though. In the meantime I have about a carrier bag full of hibiscus flowers which make excellent tea – you can try some if you like

    • Ooh, Parts Exceedingly Foreign sounds exciting :).
      (There’s a thought – while I’m in Malaysia next month I should see if I can pick up something tea-like).

      Hibiscus flowers sound interesting – think I’ve had some teas where hibiscus has been one ingredient of many before, would be very interested in trying just plain hibiscus 🙂

  2. i enjoyed reading your post.Thank you! I started taking pukka morning time when I decided to give up caffeine on the 10th of March. So far is my favourite morning tea. What would you recommend as a good morning tea?

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for the review. This is the best “normal tea” substitute I’ve found so far. It has replaced Dragonfly Rooibos Earl Grey as my go to caffeine-free cuppa.

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