Every accomplishment starts …

running shoes“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”.

(Author unknown)

(I’ve recently started the NHS “Couch to 5k” running plan – just completed my second Week 3 run. Hence for me at the moment, these shoes are a symbol of determination.)
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5 Responses to Every accomplishment starts …

  1. Railton says:

    Ah! Best of luck with the running! I recommend topping up on some running tunes 🙂

    Also, HAVE YOU SEEN A GAME OF THRONES ON TV YET? I want to see it but can’t 😦

    • Thanks! For the moment I’m sticking with the podcasts I’ve downloaded which have generic upbeat music (quite nice actually – and it’s quite well matched e.g. faster for the jogging bits than for the walking bits) but once I get to the stage where I can run for 20 minutes or so I shall be checking out my own music … any recommendations?

      Also, no, because it has only just started about 2 minutes ago. Am I about to go and watch it? Yes, yes I am. But boo for you not being able to see it 😦

      • Railton says:

        It’s annoying. I really want to see it, but the only way I can is illegally I think. Rage.

        I tend to go for Trance – type stuff . Strong beat and awesome. Or more angry things which you probably wouldn’t go for. Fairly epic stuff like “The Final Countdown”, and Bittersweet Symphony and things always good 🙂

  2. Jack V says:

    Congrats! 🙂

  3. @Railton: indeed, boo for being forced to illegal viewing. I would invite you round to watch it but it’s a ~2-hour train journey each way, so … maybe not so practical.

    “The Final Countdown” makes me laugh – I’m not quite sure why. Probably due to first encountering it via Trinity mathmos attempting to sing it. Could be quite good for running though – amusement and a good beat = good!

    @Jack – thanks!

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