Eudoxia Attempts to Shop More Ethically …

… with mixed success.

Shampoo bar - Godiva
Success #1: Godiva 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar from LUSH :). I was near to running out of shampoo, so instead of doing my usual thing (forgetting to buy anything new until I completely run out, then buying something from a supermarket because it’s convenient even though it’s not what I really want), I thought I would be organised and go and buy one of these, which is what I really want. Costs £5.75, and will last for ~80 washes – plus it’s scented with their jasminey Flying Fox scent (which I’d actually forgotten) which is good for stress relief. Seriously; for exam stress at Cambridge, Flying Fox was something I found which worked.

Success #2: While I was at LUSH, I also bought some Coalface (face soap), Eau Roma Water (toner), and Japanese Aid (soap, all the money from this except for the VAT goes to Peace Boat). My need for these things was less pressing, but essentially situations were similar to the above – it makes sense to be organised enough to buy these products from companies that I want to support, rather than being caught out and buying what’s easiest on a particular day.

(Comment: apart from the soap, these were all products I have used / had samples of before, which is why I was confident in purchasing them. I find that LUSH products last forever, which makes them great and cost-effective if you like them but a bit annoying and expensive if you don’t)

Sort-of-success #3: Finding out that a lot of ethical clothing exists – I’d heard of PeopleTree (fairly wide range of high-street style clothing), and via Google also found out about other places such as Nomads (more bohemian hippy-tie-dye), WOMbat (sportswear), and others. The Guardian has an ethical fashion directory from 2008 which means that some of it is out of date, but it has a HUGE list of names and websites so is useful. I also have a soft spot for a couple of items on the One World is Enough website (e.g. the Stonewashed Rainbow Hoody).

Failure: Wanting to buy some shorts from PeopleTree, I completely failed to find a stockist earlier today. (I want to try on a few items to get an idea of their sizing before risking ordering anything online).  I’d heard that there was a PeopleTree concession in the Oxford Street Topshop, and thought that I’d double checked this last night but couldn’t find it when I was there today – turns out that what I was reading was out of date. Fair enough, I figured that out. More annoyingly: PeopleTree is stocked at the Oxford Street John Lewis, nearby – which I even went in to! (although not looking for clothes) – so I totally missed that. Bother. Might get a chance to fix that next week, though, so not all bother.

Conclusion: lots of ethical products exist and are becoming easier to find – I thought I had a good idea of what was out there but have been surprised by finding lots of new stores/stockists! This is cool. The best way of taking advantage of this seems to be to spend some time deliberately checking out what exists when you don’t really need anything, so that when you do need something you know where to look, as it might be a bit tricky to find. (That’s probably true for shopping in general).

Any comments? Do you tend to put off buying things until they’re really needed, and then opting for the easiest choice rather than what you really want? Or do you always leave yourself plenty of time, so you can find the optimum purchase?

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