Mug of the week – Sunflower

As noted in a previous post, I’m starting to run out of tea to review … for the moment, anyway. I intend to continue with tea reviews, but maybe aim for one or two a month, rather than every week. I’m also putting together a reference page for all the reviews I’ve done, which has appeared in the black bar above, or you can find it here.

However, I still want to keep posting something in this category weekly. So I started thinking: tea, what goes with tea … well … coffee? But I know next to nothing about coffee, so that wouldn’t work out. Teapots go with tea. And indeed, I have several teapots and they may feature on here in the future – but to be honest, I very rarely actually use my teapots to make tea in. I – like most people I know – make tea in mugs.

This is my favourite mug.

I’ve had it for rather a long time – I think probably 5 or 6 years. It was a birthday present from my Aunt B (assuming my memory is correct). I love its asymmetry – that it’s just slightly sloping, but not enough to interfere with functionality.

Mug - handle pointing leftI like the glint of the silver in the word “Sunflower”.

And I like its cheerfulness. It’s happy – but not in-your-face-happy. It’s cheerful whether you’re feeling up or down or anything else.Mug - showing inside motif

Plus, it holds a full 500ml of tea.

(that’s allowing for approx 5mm of space at the top, so the tea doesn’t spill).

And once you’ve drunk some of that, you can see the motif inside.

I think I can safely claim that tea consumed from this mug really helped to get me through my degree … and the cheerfulness helped with that, too. This mug and I have seen many a late night … which is part of what makes it special to me.

I tend to drink either an everyday teas or Earl Greys from this – it’s a mug I turn to when I want comfort / cheering and lots of it, and those are the teas I turn to in the same circumstances. (I’m curious – do other people have particular mugs they drink particular tea from? Favourite study-mugs? Mugs that are saved for best?)

The mug is made by Dunoon, and is a design by Caroline Bessey.

Base of mugWhat do you think – like it? Hate the fact that it slopes?Do you find it as cheerful as I do? Also – any thoughts on the whole concept of blogging about mugs? I’m guessing that there are quite a lot of people who have favourite mugs, and it would be interesting to look at what those are and why … could have guest posts!

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One Response to Mug of the week – Sunflower

  1. Jack V says:

    I like it. I’m generally quite reserved when it comes to being happy about things, but I’ve often had a couple of large, pretty mugs that I quite liked, and thought of as “my mug” that I would use by default.

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