Tea cosy :)

Continuing to post tea-related-things that may or may not be tea: tea cosy time!

Tea cosy!This was a present from forestofglory, who I got to know while she was studying in the UK. Isn’t it lovely? And it matches this teapot:

Teapot and tea cosyNow, I will admit that in the past I have tended not to use teapots all that much (unless I was making tea for lots of people). But I wonder whether this tea cosy could revolutionise all that … it takes me a while to get through a lot of tea, and so in the past it’s felt like it’s not worth using a teapot because probably half the tea in it will go cold and be gross and it just won’t be a good idea.

I think this might be the answer! I tested it out (with Char’s Earl Grey Supreme) in the following conditions: a normal evening, room temperature cold-ish (our kitchen/diner doesn’t get much sun so is generally cold), pot just left sitting on a table underneath the cosy … and the tea lasted a full 2 hours while still being definitely hot enough to be pleasantly drinkable. (It possibly could’ve lasted longer, but the 2-hour mark was the point at which I poured my last mug of tea from it.)

I was impressed! The tea cosy is lightly padded, being about 5-6mm thick. It’s also a bit bigger than it would need to be to fit over the teapot, which I think must help as it allows lots of air to be trapped around the teapot – this sets it apart from some knitted tea cosies I’ve seen which are like jumpers for your teapot (they probably help a little but fail to really trap air). Here’s what it looks like in use:

Tea cosy in use - with mugThanks again to forestofglory for a lovely lovely present!

(I also found out that this teapot holds a full 4 mugfuls of tea if you fill it up properly. Nom.)

Do you own/use teapots? (I own several because they’re pretty, but rarely use them). What about tea cosies? Ever sewn/knitted one?

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