Saturday play – words

It’s been a while since we’ve had any collage on here … so here’s today’s 🙂

Collage of wordsI recently dug out this book stand again (I bought it about this time last year, I think, and possibly used it during revision?) and it’s brilliant. Ever tried to knit whilst reading? It’s a lot easier if you’ve got something else to hold the book open for you … and now I’ve realised that I can also use it to display bits of art, when it’s not otherwise occupied.

The collage is supposed to be generally uplifting … although given that my source material was women’s magazines, the range of words I could find was quite restricted. There were lots of words focused on appearance, or on being cool/sexy/etc, but it was harder to find anything about confidence/intelligence/personality. Still, I think I did an okay job. (What do you think?)

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2 Responses to Saturday play – words

  1. Hazelnut says:

    I really like this, lovely looking, makes me want to do one! 🙂

  2. Yay! Glad you like it 🙂 you should do a bunch – they’re pretty easy and quite therapeutic. I found doing these collages good (I sat down one day with a pile of magazines and did a whole bunch of different things) because I decided that they didn’t have to be perfect, I just had to like them, and I needed to do lots of them – which was really quite liberating 🙂 rather than worrying about exactly where each thing should go.

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