A Guest Post: Lulu’s Mug

Hello! I’m Lulu, writer of Macarooning (http://macarooning.tumblr.com/), excessive eater of cake and drinker of tea and this is one of my favourite mugs.

I have some mugs that I use for drinking tea purely because are nice to hold and, I think, make the tea taste better, but then there are others in particular that I prefer because they are all of these things but with some additional memories that make them just that little bit more special. I suppose I’m a bit of a mug-whore really.

The mug I have chosen to write about is one that I acquired relatively recently, but the memories that it evokes makes it all the more special.

Lulu's "don't panic" mug

Lulu's 'don't panic' mug

Firstly, I love the shape, especially as I tend to cup my mugs between my hands and drink tea rather like a child with both hands. Secondly, the words ‘don’t panic’. Many of you will know the very same words are printed on the cover of the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy in large friendly letters. If ever I were to describe myself as having a mantra, this would be it. I naturally tend to internally freak out in relatively minor traumatic circumstances (compared to being trapped in an airlock faced with the prospect of being ejected into deep space and asphyxiating within about thirty seconds) such as missing the bus or arriving late for lectures or accidentally getting mascara on my nose and continually need to remind myself to take a deep breath and DON’T PANIC. Probably the most useful thing I’ll have said to myself all day. Sometimes I forget how much I love Hitchhikers’ and this mug serves to remind me every single day.

That, and finding little pictures of monkeys drawn in the margin of my notes on Hamlet.

Lulu x

Thanks Lulu! I think a mug with ‘don’t panic’ written on it must be a wonderful thing … what about you?

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