Tea of the Week – Earl Grey Milk Chocolate Wafers

forestofglory is staying with me! For a few days, before she heads back to the states. And on Saturday, we went and spent the day exploring London … and while we were at Liberty of London (after admiring fabrics that we had no intention of buying as they cost £19.95/m) I found these chocolates:

Front of box

Now, a bit of backstory: I have been on the lookout for the perfect earl grey chocolate since having one on a family holiday in Belgium a few years ago. It was a milk chocolate truffle with an earl grey filling and it was divine.

I’ve seen earl grey chocolate since, but it’s always been dark chocolate – until yesterday. So having observed that Prestat have an ethical policy (different principles to Fairtrade but looks sensible – see here) I bought a box.

Source: Liberty of London. You can also order from the Prestat website.

Cost: £10.50 for a box (200g, see picture).Chocolate!

Ethics: they partner with Esoko to give farmers access to market prices, safeguarding them from traders who try to rip them off. Their reasons for doing this and some comments on why this is different to Fairtrade are clearly set out here. The chocolates are made in Great Britain, there are no GMO ingredients, and the box is made from 80% recycled material (and is both beautiful and sturdy – I’m planning to reuse it once I finish the chocolate).

Appearance: a lovely mid-chocolate-brown with small flecks – I’m not really sure whether these are tiny tiny bits of cocoa or tiny tiny bits of tea (I suspect the latter).

Nose: They smell incredible – an equal blend of the tea smell and the chocolate.

I think that earl grey and milk chocolate smells like heaven/joy/hope.

Chocolate with a bite out of itTaste: They taste really nice, but not aren’t earth-shatteringly-lovely. The chocolates are wafer-thin, and melt on your tongue; the chocolate is creamy and smooth and has a good flavour which complements the tea. It’s a good balance between the chocolate and the tea flavours, but it’s not the greatest thing ever.

In conclusion: I really like these. They are really very nice. However, for £10.50, I think that my next step in the quest for the perfect milk-chocolate-and-earl-grey combination should be trying to make my own truffles (I’ve tried this once before with no success, but will try again). I have tea, and £10.50 would buy me quite a lot of divine milk chocolate (which I think would be a good match for it) – certainly more than 200g!

I might buy them again, but probably for a special occasion – for me to get them more frequently the cost would need to be more like £5 (NB I’m not saying that they’re “too expensive” as £10.50 probably is a good price given ethical sourcing of cocoa and sourcing of good tea, paying for them being handmade in the UK, etc etc).

Having looked up their website (which has more information than they are able to fit on their chocolate boxes), I like the look of Prestat and am generally satisfied by their ethics. It’s always nice to find another brand that I feel I can trust – so many can’t be trusted … And they seem to make a wonderful range of very good chocolate.

Side of boxIs Earl Grey and chocolate a combination which appeals to you? Anybody have a truffle recipe they want to share with me? Would love to hear from you in the comments.

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