Saturday play – charity shop shopping

On Friday, I found myself with free time in Cambridge and one of the things I did was to go charity-shop-ing with Rachel 🙂 (who found a beautiful ball dress!). It’s a bit contagious – when I found myself on a high street with lots of charity shops (I was in the area for a Church thing beforehand) I went and browsed and wandered … and found myself more stuff for dance kit :). Colourful shirt with parrots!

The most amusing is this ultra-colourful shirt that I’m planning to turn into a waistcoat.
I rather like the parrots. Aren’t they sweet?

Parrots-and-flowers printIt was a nice afternoon – mostly browsing, all sorts of stuff. I ended up buying this shirt, another top, a waistcoat, and a skirt, a book (“Extras” by Scott Westerfield), and a bag of odd balls of blue yarn. And I’ve discovered a new charity shop that specialises in books and is actually really light and airy and nice to browse in -and sells books at £2 each or 3 for £5. Which is pretty decent really.

Woo, parrots. 🙂

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